2.11.2016 Work and video-editing has been the order of the day these last few weeks. Less time to update, but catching up bit by bit! Check out our first week in Kyrgyzstan, and the film teaser! And yes, kayak stuff coming soon! 🙂

09.10.2016 The summer months have been quite busy, with ferratas in the Dolomites, hiking in the Ecrins and a solo kayak expedition to Lofoten (Norway). I will be updating all of those bit by bit. I will also be uplading some info about our Kyrgyzstan trip back in March, as the film will be out soon! Back to work in Grenoble, I can’t wait for the snow!

04.07.2016 With the summer heat, it’s time to look back at the cold and snow of winter! First with Sweden, and continuing with the preparations for Kyrgyzstan.

11.05.2016 EpicWorks is back! After a long period of inactivity I’m going to be getting stuff back and running again. Having finished my PhD, and organising an expedition to Kyrgyzstan I’m working on the site again. And after travels to Austria, Sweden, Finland and Kyrgyzstan there is much to tell. But first I will go back to last summer, and finally put my kayaking in BC online!

14.10.2015 Wow! This PhD writting really does eat my time up! The summer has come and gone, mostly work but also a great trip to the States and Canada, as well as some nice hikes in September. And to finish off some days in the Austrian Alps. I’ve started captioning/subtitling some of the videos, it will gradually come through.

06.06.2015 The months fly past and this last one has been busy! Two weekend in Switzerland, one in Italy and another in Chamonix doesn’t leave much time for posting. as well as trying to write a PhD! So I’m just chucking out some stuff and will try and catch up on some old stuff at some point! À bientôt!

29.04.2015 Two new posts out, maybe a third tomorrow as I’m trying to catch up on the winter! Some more skiing planned  this month to finish the season in style.

16.04.2015 Epic overhaul, finally some organisation starting to come through and multiple new posts and videos on the way. Proud to anounce we will be going to Kyrgyzstan next year, sponsored by Expé and partners. You can check that out on their website here as well as the  FFCAMs here (Federation Française des Clubs Alpins et de Montagne).  À bientôt!

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