About Rob

Rob Estivill
The Alps

Bio: Based in the French Alps. Aspiring skier and scientist, I love travel, technology and mountains, not necessarily in that order. Enjoying adversity more than most, I’m always looking for the next adventure. Creator of EpicWorks photo & video, I update this site with new exploits and ideas.

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One thought on “About Rob

  1. Hy Robn
    I’am a Gilles Cantinelli’s friend, I’m a photographer myself and have a gallery in place Notre-Dame and I’am organizing a collective exhibition on horses next month, for three weeks. The 260 euros are to be shared through all the photographs and I keep 15% on the sales. One or more of your pictures could suit… Would you be interested? the gallery’s website is http://www.lavinagaleriecafé.fr. Greetings, François-Marie Périer


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