This adventure is a bit longer than usual!

Starting in July 2019, in Hokkaido (Japan), Sandie and I are taking a year off work to travel by paddle and pedal around the world. You can read about the project here and the preparations here.

You can follow our Asian itinerary on the map here: 

We will try and keep posting trip reports  and pictures on this site so please subscribe to get updates!

Having pedaled through Japan, S Korea and China before packrafting in Laos we have now swaped our bikes for kayaks and are heading out to the other side of the Pacific. We will be attempting part of the famous Inside Passage. You can follow our position in realtime here:

To get an idea of what we are preparing ourselves you can check out this previous expedition: Qajaq! And remember, all the pictures when we get back 🙂

You can also head over to our Facebook page and Instagram to check out up to date posts. 

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